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1. Drive disproportionate sales of Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner by proving to our target shopper that Pantene Conditioner is a necessity—not just an accessory.
2. Drive engagement with the Stronger Together campaign

Insight: Around the world girls connect and bond with each other over hair—they comb it, braid it and style it together. While there are fewer opportunities to do each others’ hair as they grow up, they still look to their friends for styling advice and product recommendations.

Solution: Remind our target shopper that just like best friends, Pantene shampoo and conditioner are Stronger Together. To achieve this we launched an Instagram contest, hosted by the best friends, Jen and Laura of ‘Target Does It Again.’ A different hairstyle each week brought friends together to connect, making Pantene relevant at the intersection of friendship, Target shopping and hair. Besties were moved to take part and Pantene at Target saw it’s third highest sales week of all time.

Watch the Target Pantene Stronger Together case study here.