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Assignment: Brand and launch the Target-exclusive natural hair care line, Hair Food.

Guest Insight: All things in moderation: she works out regularly, but won’t say no to a slice of chocolate cake every now and then. She’s constantly hearing how she should use more natural products, but, since results are front and center for her, they haven’t yet proven themselves to her.

Idea: Wake up Target’s Premium Wellness shopper to see that, like her body and soul, her hair is hungry for nourishment too.

Solution: First we established the brand identity and purpose. Inspired by the honesty and sense of community behind the farm-to-table movement, we brought in fresh ingredients, warm wood textures, and hand-drawn chalkboard signage. We set out to become the hair care brand that nourishes.

Next we needed to get the attention of our skeptical target and convince her that Hair Food is the unique, genuine solution she is looking for. We had to break out of the cluttered, uninspiring hair care aisle and introduce Hair Food to her where she is.

So we took to the streets, traveling the country with our Hair Food sampling truck and Bike Brigade, stopping at farmers’ markets, art festivals and city parks to share our message.

In exchange for a food donation or social post, guests were given a full size sample of Hair Food and a rich brand experience. Together we fed hungry hair, hungry bellies, and hungry souls in each community we crossed.

Gold & Silver Reggie
Silver Addy

Watch the Target Hair Food case study here.