Assignment: Win the 2018 Albertsons Anniversary Sale pitch with a compelling retail program that supports the category and drives conversion with a focus on fill-in opportunities.

Guest Insight: MillerCoors and Albertsons help you squeeze in more summer.

Idea: A few friends, your favorite chips and some ice-cold beer on the deck is our definition of the perfect summer hangout. And the Albertsons Anniversary Sale can help make those end-of-summer get-togethers happen. So head over to Albertsons for all the beer paired with all your favorite snacks and enjoy Backyard Sips & Dips.

Solution: We created a front-of-store spectacular to greet shoppers with a relaxing backyard vibe and cross-merchandised items to inspire summer entertaining. In-store radio ads reminded shoppers to get all they can out of summer and check out the summer spectacular in the front of the store.